The UK Skate Scene

I was fortunate enough to meet a really kind person the other week who reminded me what skating in the UK is (or for the purposes of this post) was in the UK around 20-25 years ago.

Skating was a fun recreational activity, supported by your local community centre. You’d hang out at the local skate shop, meet your friends, meet new friends, learn some new skate moves and then go to the sweet shop for 10p hubba bubba and a can of 40p Coca Cola. And maybe some 10p crisps. You’d then hang outside the corner shop for a bit, waiting for your last buddy to turn up (late), even though one of you in the group had called his home (from a pay phone) using a phone card or a 10p.

Finally, when your late friend turns up – you’d skate off, somewhere unknown… maybe a street skate, the local park, a shopping centre (only to be chased out), a skate park or even skate over to another friends house.

Skating in the 80’s and 90’s was about friends, having a laugh and social interaction.

There was no ego. No “profit” before skate. No selling the right t-shirt to be in the right gang. If you wanted to skate. You could. You didn’t need an activity, organisation or affiliation to go out and skate. These days, you have to be part of a club, league, family of whatever… Where’s the fun in skating gone?

Perhaps there are too many organisers, trying to organise a very small skate community? Maybe there’s one too many big fish in the pond? So many people with their facebook ego’s one-up-manship and hidden agendas make me realise how skating failed in the 1990’s and why so many people moved on to other types of skating / BMX or just gave up.

My only rule when skating is leave your ego behind. Just roll.

Big thanks to Alaine (you know who you are!!!) for her skating memories and helping me jog mine.

jus roll

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