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We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but it has to be said, we’re good at what we do. We know Roller Skating and we’re happy to share our experience, knowledge and expertise too

What's so different about

Custom colour hangers is the only stockist of custom colour hangers for ACS and Playmaker chassis, available in various colours

customise your skates builds every pair of skates to order, making your wheels as exclusive as you are. Select your size, colour wheels, laces, back stop, colour hangers, puffas and everything to your preference

custom skate packs sells the largest range of custom skates available anywhere online. We stock a full range of skates and accessories available for you to find your perfect pair to start rolling

Bauer Skates Authorised Stockist

The latest skates

We only stock Bauer skates. No other brand comes near the quality or skate heritage Bauer offers.

Specialist support

If you’re looking for something special or have your own chassis or wheels we can help you too

Customise your boots

With the full range of Bauer skates and accessories, we can make your perfect pair of skates