No new funding for UK Roller Sports

As Sport England announces a £500 million investment into UK Grassroot Sports, no new funding grants have been announced for UK Roller Sports. The British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF), the National Governing Body for UK Roller Sports, representing inline speed, artistic, roller hockey, inline hockey, puck hockey, roller derby, and inline freestyle skate disciplines has not received any new funding for the growth of UK Roller Sports nor secured any investment for UK Roller Facilities.

Whilst UK Roller Sports continue to grow in popularity with all age groups and abilities, private funding and grass root funding is available to skaters and individuals. Whilst many are questioning the leadership and direction of the British Roller Sports Federation, this was a missed opportunity to gain recognition for grass roots sports, supporting all age groups and abilities supporting the Post Olympic Legacy.

For more information on Sport England Funding visit HERE

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