How to choose a decent pair of skates

There’s loads of advice out there for new and seasoned skaters to select the best pair of skates. Whilst many online reviewers have their own personal opinion, based on what they know best – our casual observation of online reviews and forums is generally to take them all with a pinch of salt.

What matters most when selecting a pair of skates is what you are looking for. Whilst bearing in mind what other people’s opinion might be, you’re the skater who will be wearing them (not the random online reviewer). As a general precaution, think about the person’s motive – are they sponsored to write an article? Have they had a bad situation with a brand or a company? Too often, online reviews are written with such a strong bias, it is often difficult to argue against them “because they are always right”, at least in their domain.

We’d like to see all skaters wear the boots they are comfy in. There’s nothing worse than wearing a pair of skates too small or equally, too large when rolling around.


All the skates we sell are UK sized.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the general rule of thumb was to buy one size larger, right? Nooo! The old Bauer Turbos were sold only in US sizes, so you would always convert the US size to the UK size. That means if you wear a UK8 skate, you’d buy a US9 boot. Equally if you have big feet and wear a UK12, you’d buy a US13 boot.

This general misconception meant that Bauer never produced a UK13 boot. We’re often approached to supply a Bauer UK13 boot – this isn’t going to happen. Sorry. There are a couple of alternative choices – but you’ll never buy a Bauer Turbo hard shell boot in a UK13.


Liners vs no liners. Some skaters prefer to wear liners with all skates. This limits your choice to Ventro Turbo, Supreme Turbo 33, Roces Athens or a couple of other boots. Liners are comfy however they do wear out and smell after a while unless you look after them with a good anti bacterial spray and let them dry out after use.

The modern Bauer range is supplied with no liner. Many skaters aren’t used to this concept. Some have even asked to have liners installed to these liner-free boots. There’s no need!!! The modern Bauer boot is designed to provide comfort within a rigid shell. All boots are moisture resistant and mould to the shape of your foot after a couple of hours use. We do recommend a comfortable pair of sports socks when skating.

Remember, when exercising your foot will swell approximately half a size larger. This is normal for all skaters. Never buy a pair of skates smaller than you need.

Size Guide

All our skates are sized to the UK equivalent. This means that if we advertise a pair of skate for a UK9 shoe, this will fit an equivalent Nike U9 trainer. Not many people are aware that Adidas, Converse, Hi-Tek, Asics and many other brands use a different sizing model. If you’re not too sure what size your shoes are, go take a look beneath the tongue, the size chart will be in there. When order, remember to let us know what size and brand your trainers are. If you don’t wear trainers – you’re best advised to try on a pair of Nike Trianers to find out what trainer size you should be wearing.

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