Bauer Turbo Skates

What’s happening with Bauer Turbos?

There are loads of sellers on eBay selling reconditioned Bauer Boots – some look okay too. All the pictures are all shiny and you make a bid, hoping they fit and in good condition. So, you’ve just won an auction or bought it now and they arrive… what happens next?

The first point to remember and what many people don’t know about original Bauer Turbos is that they are at least 15+ years old. Some models (the very early Bauers) were an Italian boot made of thicker plastic materials can be over 30 years old. So, the shiny boot that was advertised on ebay is at least 15 years old and the shine starts to come off.

The price you paid for a pair of “retro” Bauer skates should be one that you can justify. In comparison to new boots – you shouldn’t be paying any more than £50-£100 a pair. Some re sellers put new wheels and bearings on the skates… this may increase the price but please remember not to pay over the top – remember a brand new pair of skates will always have new wheels and bearings.

Is there anything wrong with buying Bauer Turbos?

Well, in essence there is nothing wrong with buying them… what you need to be aware of is the potential for plastic bauer turbo boots to break very easily. This can be as a result of long term storage, exposure to hot and cold temperatures (garage or loft storage), wear and tear and also the plastic degrading over time.

We’ve seen many dozens of pairs of skates, purchased on ebay and second hand sales

What’s wrong with an old boot? Well, for lots of reasons, the boots are breaking. They can fail as a result of continued use, poor long term storage (in a cold roof attic, garage or in the car for too long). The boots you’ve paid good money for result in a component failure and render the skates useless.

How can you resolve or fix it?

The simple answer is you can’t. If you paid by credit card or PayPal, you might be able to get a full refund, following a complaint or two. Most ebay sellers won’t guarantee the skates, so you are purchasing at your own risk.

We’ve included a few photos of how skates may appear online but, on arrival and closer inspection, reveal a series of problems with the degration of plastic bauer turbo skates when neglected for a few years.


CIMG5883  CIMG5887CIMG5894  CIMG5897

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