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We only stock Bauer skates. No other brand comes near the quality or skate heritage Bauer offers.

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A trip into Bauer Quad Skates History.

Here's some of the Bauer skates we used to sell, many many years ago...

What's up with Bauer skates now?

So, Bauer skates are the best, right? Plastic shell Bauer skates made from the 1980's are aging and could be over 30+ years old. Depending on how they were stored, the plastic degrades over time resulting in a gradual decrease in quality meaning the skates you purchased second hand from online auction sites might not be as described. Once purchased, there is no way to determine whether they were faulty before you received them and the seller is likely to dispute any claim against you.

Bauer Turbo's from the 1980-1990's are best used as an archive item.

Please do not risk purchasing a pair of Bauer Turbo skates from any online retailer or auction site. The most likely thing is you will fall, injure yourself and stop skating. Don't risk it. Bauer hard-shell boots were great but lets face it - they're old and brittle now.